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In 2011, members of the LGBTQ+ Community worked with the Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery and the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office (now both part of The Box) in a project called “Pride in Our Past” to create an accession in the city archives to document the lives of the LGBTQ+ communities in the city. This is Accession 3901 and can be accessed here.

During the course of this 12-month project, though it became obvious how impactful this archive was becoming for the community itself and the archive won an award as the most inspirational community archive of 2011 with the Community Archive and Heritage Group. This led us to realise the archive needed to continue to be a community resource as well and so we have worked to grow the Pride in Plymouth LGBTQ+ Community Archive over the years and keep it a vibrant part of our

It can be accessed digitally or in person via our office and, for more information or to get involved and perhaps include your own story, please contact hello@prideinplymouth.org.uk

Welcome to LGBTQ+ History Month 2024

Every year, February marks LGBTQ+ History Month.  The theme for this year is Medicine – #UnderTheScope - which celebrates LGBTQ+ peoples’ contribution to the field of Medicine and Healthcare both historically and today. The aim is to showcase the amazing work of...

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