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Pride in Plymouth Community Trust

The Pride in Plymouth Community Trust was a formed in 2010 with number of aims and objectives.
These were:

  • Bringing people and groups together to celebrate and promote the diversity that exists within the LGBTQ+ communities in Plymouth.
  • Creating a ‘community hub’ to support other community groups, events, and projects for the benefit of the LGBTQ+ communities in Plymouth.
  • Sharing information about equality legislation, promoting and signposting to local and national support groups and raising awareness in support of international human rights particularly in relation to LGBTQ+ people.
  • Organising and promoting events that bring LGBTQ+ people together.
  • Developing and supporting the Pride in Plymouth LGBTQ+ Community Archive.
  • Promoting Plymouth to the wider LGBTQ+ audience as a viable place to live, study and visit.

Over the years that followed, we worked towards those aims through events, social gatherings and education, outreach and advocacy, often based around our award-winning community archive and the stories members of Plymouth’s queer community shared within it and it can be seen over time that the community has grown, changed, and evolved to encompass different identities and lives.  A one size fits all approach can no longer work and so all our current activities centre around the “Pride 365” pledge where we acknowledge how important it is to be proud of who you are EVERYDAY of the year and, consequently, the work to increase our visibility, as a community, needs to happen every day of the year as opposed to specific events or months such as Pride Month or LGBTQ+ History Month. 

Please check out our page for more information on our ongoing activities and get in touch if you’d like to get involved. 

Our works includes:

  • Education and training work based around the research from our community archive.
  • Advocacy in such roles as a hate crime third-party reporting centre, work with LGBTQ+ asylum seekers in the city.
  • Pride social groups, (otherwise known as Pride Pop Ups) happening across the city in a variety of locations to enable LGBTQ+ people in different geographical communities to come together. These will include events in operating out of our office at Leadworks in Rendle Street but will extend across the city and include online interactions via our website and social media links.
  • Bespoke projects such as the “Rainbow Connection” and the “Patchwork Flag Project”.
  • Smaller scale events happening more regularly across the city to reach a wider range of people within the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Our Features

What We Do


Our Award Winning Community Archive has collected the stories and histories of the city’s LGBTQ+ Community for over a decade now.


We work with a number of individuals and organisations across the city to provide advocacy and support require to help raise awareness of LGBTQ+ lives.

Education & Training

The ongoing development of our community archive has enabled us to create a number of resources around LGBTQ+ lives in the city and means we can offer talks, workshops and teaching materials based around the stories that have been shared.


There are lots of ways to get involved in what’s going on with the Pride in Plymouth Community Trust.

Pride Pop Ups & Events

Pride in Plymouth provided the city’s yearly Plymouth Pride events from 2012 to 2022 but now our focus is on smaller more targeted spaces and happenings for the LGBTQ+ Community to connect and explore their culture.

Pride 365

At the core of what we do is the idea that Plymouth’s LGBTQ+ community should be proude of who they are every day of the year.

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