Pride 365

While we absolutely recognise the importance of Pride Month in June and annual Pride events taking place in towns and cities, we also feel it is incredibly important that everyone in the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged and supported to feel proud of who they are all through the year.  That has led to an ongoing campaign which sits at the heart of everything we do which we call Pride 365 and it calls for us to show pride in who we are every day of the year. 

Much of that ongoing, year round work takes the form of smaller more regular events which we call Pride Pop Ups, volunteering, projects and partnerships.

Our Community Archive came about through the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s support of our “Pride in Our Past” project and this was then followed by “Lesbian Voices of Plymouth” and a partnership with University of Plymouth to explore the ideas behind “The Rainbow Connection” which is an intergenerational project that we continue to work with today.

Nationally, Pride in Plymouth is also an active member of the Oral History Society’s LGBTQ+ Special Interest Group.

We are also currently working on our Patchwork Flag and you can find out how to get involved with that project here.