Education and Training

The ongoing development of our community archive has enabled us to create a number of resources around LGBT+ lives in the city and means we can offer talks, workshops and teaching materials based around the stories that have been shared.  

Language and Gender Roles

this resource looks at the changes in words and language used to describe a community that is evolving and changing. It also creates a safe space to explore ideas that are confusing or unclear.

Safe Spaces

This resource discusses the safe spaces for the Plymouth LGBTQ+ community that have existed in the past, how they were negotiated and how do we create safe space today.

Hate Crime and Acceptance

This workshop explains how hate crimes and incidents effect peoples’ sense identity and who they are. Learners come to understand the impact of words and actions and how to report them to the police.

Changing Generational Attitudes

Things have changed massively for the LGBTQ+ community in the last 50 years and, at great speed since the turn of the millennium. Sometimes changes in legislation have come more quickly than changes in culture or understanding and this workshop explores the effects of this.

Coming Out

Coming out is not a one-time deal – although it is often referred to as if it is, even among the LGBTQ+ Community. This workshop explores the constant need to negotiate this in a heteronormative, cisgender society. When is the “right” time to come out? Will we ever be able to stop?

Oral History

A workshop exploring interviewing and conversational skills. How can you “collect” someone’s story and make them part of the archive.

In any of these would be of interest for your school, group or business then please contact us for more information.