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Pride in the Park 2012

Looking at Pride in the Park 2012 – PRIDE is so MUCH MORE THAN A PARTY!

In 2012 Youth Chances was at Pride in the Park collecting the experiences of over 40 LGBTQ young people on the day with 20 more follow-ups. The NHS GU medicine staff was on hand to give advice and also conducted over 20 HIV test on the day. This is an area we want to expand on future Prides.

Pride in the Park 2012  was Plymouth’s first proper outdoor Gay Pride held on Saturday 28th July, it was a bit of risk we didn’t know if the venue Devonport Park would be popular or how it was going to pan out. The Event was a massive success with over 1,500 people enjoying the day. The Park and its facilities proved to be perfect for the event. It is clear from the 100’s of photos taken on the day and shared through social networks that the event attracted a very diverse crowd. It was fantastic to see children and pensioners dancing in front of the bandstand, same sex couples kissing and people just being themselves.

Here are some Photos from Pride in the Park 2012:

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The stalls and companies that supported the 2012 event included Devon and Cornwall Police, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, Trans information, The Edydstone Trust, Quest FtM, Plymouth Community Homes, Saltash Chiropractic Clinic, PCS and many more.


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