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Heaven on Earth?

Waterfront areas of Plymouth have set the scene for a major new dance film inspired by the writings of Jean Genet, one of the leading French writers of the twentieth century. The film is a commission for the EU-funded project, entitled Heaven on Earth?

Heaven on Earth? Plymouth

Pride in Plymouth are proud to be a partner with Plymouth University on the Heaven on Earth? Project.

Roberta Mock, as executive producer, has led the creative team for film, which features Ruth Way as choreographer of the dance sequences and Kayla Parker as the film’s director. Sundog Media will oversee production for the screen, with Stuart Moore responsible for cinematography, assisted by Siobhan Mckeown who will also be its editor.

In the first stage of the project the team worked with Pride in Plymouth  to generate movement and narrative sequences based on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people’s stories and memories of the city.

Minority communities and marginalized individuals were of great importance to Jean Genet and the film will use many of the formal stylistic elements of his stage and film work including ritual movement, highly symbolic props and costumes, and evocative settings.

Choreographic rehearsals with principal dancers and performers, and storyboarding and refinement of the storyline for the dance film took place over the winter months, with filming and sound design taking place in the spring of 2014. After editing and post-production, the 10 minute dance film will receive its gala première in Athens on 6 June.

Plymouth audiences will have the opportunity to attend its UK première on 29 June 2014 at Plymouth Arts Centre, as part of a creative weekend inspired by the writing and ideas of Jean Genet.


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Plymouth University

Pride in Plymouth working in Partnership with Plymouth University on the Heaven on Earth project

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